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Hypnotherapy opens your Mind to a new way of thinking.

We all have two minds; the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy taps into the subconscious mind through an altered state of awareness, opening possibilities and capturing your imagination. It can impact perceptions, symptoms and habits, and can alleviate suffering. Hypnotherapy empowers individuals to be the boss of their own body and mind.

Hypnotherapy can be beneficial for many of life’s challenges. Neural Switch can help you increase hope, self-confidence, and resilience; as well as reduce pain and anxiety, change habits and reduce stress.

Gut-directed Hypnotherapy

Improve your digestive system and your life.

Pain Management

Sessions catered to suit your medical condition.

Cancer Treatment & Side Effects

Making life changes that will help you enjoy the future.

Stress & Anxiety

Reducing your worries and helping with day to day life.

Meet Natasha, your Neural Switch Hypnotherapist

A health professional with over 27 years’ nursing experience, Natasha is one of Australia’s leading paediatric pain medicine nurse practitioners. It is this experience that has led to a passion in non-medicine strategies for managing pain, stress, anxiety and maintaining a balanced nervous system.

“Natasha made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The changes I have made in my life have helped me move forward in a positive direction. Thanks Natasha for all your help.”

Bec – 48Mum of two

“For years I have suffered with IBS. After 6 week program with Natasha I feel better, have less pain and feel like the future is looking great! I am now able to go out without worrying about my symptoms or where the nearest toilet is. Cannot recommend Natasha enough.”

Peter – 55Accountant

FAQ’s about Neural Switch Hypnotherapy

What ages are services provided for?

Neural Switch is happy to provide service from age 9 and up.

Will I be made to do things or say things I do not want to do?

No. Stage hypnotism is not the same as clinical/ medical hypnosis. The goals of stage and clinical/ medical hypnosis are very different. While stage is for entertainment purposes, clinical/ medical hypnosis has an agreed goal to help you learn to use your natural hypnotic abilities to feel better.  The client has complete control throughout the session and can stop at any time they would like to and you will only respond to suggestions that are in line with your belief system and that you think will be the most helpful to you; you will be free to simply ignore the rest.

Is hypnosis the same as sleep?

No. The same brain waves seen during sleep are not seen during hypnosis. The brain waves that are seen during hypnosis are the same as when someone is very relaxed and focused but are still awake. It is a state of focused attention where you can get more and better control of your thoughts and sensations.

Will I lose all conscious awareness during hypnosis and have no memory of the experience?

No. You may experience something like you do when you are deeply absorbed in a hobby or a relaxing activity. Most find the hypnotic state to be pleasant and do remember most if not all of the session. Some people may be concerned that they did not feel hypnotised during the session as a natural relaxed state may be familiar to them. If you are able to feel even a little relaxed during the session and able to focus your attention on the clinician’s voice, or focus on your own inner experience, then you will be hypnotised enough to gain benefit.

Do I have to remember everything that was said during the session?

No. You do not need to work at listening to everything that is said during the session. You may find you drift in and out of being aware of the clinician’s voice, you will still gain benefit from the session if this happens.

How long will it take to be effective?

Individual responses are varied. Some see immediate benefits, others may take longer. Evidence shows that listening to the recordings or doing relaxation after the sessions provides greater longer lasting benefits.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on the individual. For particular conditions such as disorders of the gut-brain interaction like irritable bowel syndrome, evidence shows six sessions are needed and four sessions for chronic pain, is most beneficial. The sessions are individually tailored and the need for further sessions will be discussed on an individual basis.

Who is not suitable for hypnotherapy?

Individuals with severe active depression or certain mental illness should not embark on hypnotherapy treatment.

Can I claim on health insurance?

Medicare rebates are available for medical conditions as a nurse practitioner service.

Health fund rebates are not available.

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